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Quality vs. Quantity

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I remember the day we found out we were having a sweet baby girl, it was a dream come true! Now we had our wonderful son and a little sister for him to grow up with. This also brought on the realization that we had little to no clothing for her. Fortunately my sister had a little girl as well, which meant we were inheriting all those wonderful hand-me-downs. I was so excited for that giant box of clothes to arrive and once it did, I immediately opened it and within minutes my excitement fell. Most if not all the clothing was stained, faded, or rough to the touch. As much as I appreciated the gift, it also meant work for me to attempt to treat the various stains and make the clothing look somewhat new again.

It wasn’t until I began my journey as an associate at Pink and Brown that I learned what quality really meant in terms of children’s clothing. I used to always look at price first and sought after quantity over quality. Little did I know, I would end up spending more if I kept going with this trend.

So what are the benefits of choosing high quality clothing?

  1. Better wear and tear- more like better wear and no tear! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to send your active one to school or playground and not have to worry about holes and tears in pants? That’s exactly what you get when investing in higher end clothing brands. Many brands line the inside of pants making them not only more durable, but also lock in extra warmth during cold weather.
  2. Less stains, less stress- better quality fabrics won’t hold onto stains like most department store brands meaning you can confidently throw dirty clothes in the wash knowing they’ll come out looking brand new again! As an added bonus, quality clothing doesn’t fade after being washed!
  3. Save money- Having a wardrobe that consists of quality clothing means less trips to the store to replace dirty or damaged pieces. Doing the math, it really makes a difference especially if you’re a big bargain hunter too!
  4. Comfort- by investing in quality you also are investing in your child’s comfort. One of the biggest challenges with getting a kid ready to go anywhere is getting them dressed and that partly relies on whether they find their clothes to be soft or scratchy. Higher quality fabrics don’t pill and only get softer with each wash!

As parents we look for quality in everything concerning our children and their clothing shouldn’t have to be an exception. As challenging as it can be to keep up with kids’ ongoing growth spurts and messy personalities, parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice higher quality clothing in the process. This is why our ongoing mission is to make sure quality clothing is available and affordable for your little loves!

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