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Creating Memories and the 6 Skills Kids Can Learn From Crafting

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Pink & Brown Boutique is getting crafty with your kids! Being in business for almost a decade, we have watched our little customers grow. We love and cherish all of our little customers since we watched them grow in their mom's belly to growing much taller than all of us whom have helped them pick out all of their blanket, take-me-home outfit, their first walking shoes, their picture day outfit and many more memorable events which would take us over 100 pages to list them all.
Your baby grew up to love Pink & Brown and we want to give back for the many years you continue to support our business. Coming in mid-August, we are offering Craft Time Fun in our store. Why crafting? Crafting is not only fun but has so many benefits that can last a lifetime. Here are just some of the developmental skills your child learns while working on crafts.

1. Following Directions
Being able to understand and follow directions that will be needed and used throughout your childís life as they prepare for grade school and beyond.
2. Promotes Fine Motor Skills
Pasting, cutting with scissors, picking up objects, drawing, and assembling all require the use of fine motor skills.
3. Focus and Concentration
While crafting, your child learns to focus, concentrate and minimize distractions while mastering the use of scissors, glue and other crafting materials.
4. Patience
While waiting for the glue or paint to dry, this will teach your child the important of being patient.
5. Early Problem Solving Skill
Experimenting with different craft materials and troubleshooting when the finished project does not turn out as they expected will help them learn how to problem solve.
6. Promote Relaxation
Getting creative and completing their craft from start to finish helps with relaxation and a feeling of great accomplishment.

Our greatest priority is serving our community, creating a unique place for children of all ages to enjoy, to dream, to create and to grow in.

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