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What Do You Get A 1-Year-Old?

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We are always asked for toy recommendations, so we've compiled some of our favorites starting with age 1:


Clothing- We know this isn't a toy, but it’s hard to resist cute outfits!  Plus, parents tend to have to shop more around 6-12 months as they run out of baby shower gifts/hand me downs. We can’t get enough of these great looking outfits that are stylish, yet comfortable.

Pull Toys- These are a great motivator for babies learning to walk, like this beautiful bunny!  Show them how it’s done and they’ll soon begin to mirror you, after all, babies learn from you the best

Chunky Wooden Toys- Since things are still going in the mouth for most kids this age it’s great to have toys that are one solid piece and durable.   That's why we love wooden figures, they're perfect for little ones, but they'll love at every age!

Hand Puppets- These are wonderful for even younger babies, but at 1 year of age babies start to become more autonomous and hand puppets are a great activity they can figure out on their own.  They’re so simple yet capable of completely captivating children and maintaining their attention.

Plush Toys- Never underestimate the whimsy a child experiences from plush animals!  They become their best friends and have countless adventures together, especially when introduced at a young age! These German designed friends have always been our go-to with stuffed toys, they come in so many bright colors and patterns, plus ones like this fox are also organic!

Rubber toys- Soft and squishy rubber toys like this little dump truck are perfect for 1-year-olds learning new skills like throwing.  They're soft and fuzzy so you don't have to worry about any potential boo-boo's!

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