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Pink & Brown: Then & Now

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As of June 9th 2018, the team at Pink and Brown Boutique have been bringing quality customer care for 10 years. For many customers, this means you have been visiting us for just as long! We love seeing familiar and friendly faces, even if it’s been a couple years between visits you always know you’ll be greeted with a smile and a helping hand. Upon reaching this milestone, we wanted to take a moment to reminisce how it all began and to share with our friends what’s in store for the future. So I sat down with our fearless leader and owner of Pink & Brown Boutique, Lan Le, to ask a few questions.


Q: Many customers wonder, where did the name Pink & Brown originate?

A: Pink & Brown was the color of my daughter's room. Her room was painted in pink and brown stripes. I was putting her to bed and only weeks away from opening the store, through desperation I named the store after the colors of her room. Looking back I'm so happy that I chose the name Pink & Brown, it's simple and easy for kids to remember. Several parents told us their kids would say "Let's go to Pink & Brown!" when asked what they would like to do.

Q: Congrats on being in business for 10 years! Any plans moving forward for the Pink&Brown Boutique?

A: Making Pink & Brown more accessible to everyone who's looking for products that are safe, eco-friendly and quality that will last. That's why we launched our online site, this month, so our customers from near and far are able to order from us anywhere, anytime.

Q: With so many available, what do you look for when choosing products for your boutique?

A: Quality, safety, eco-friendly and fair trade are our top priorities. Another quality I look for is how passionate the designer is about the products they create. When they are passionate and truly believe in their products, they take greater care in every aspect of the design and how it's made.

Q: What sets you apart from other baby boutiques?

A: We take care in learning everything about the products we bring in so that we can share that knowledge with our customers. We have a lot of first-time parents so we take the time to answer their questions and show them how to not only use products, but proper care to ensure their longevity.

 Q: What are some of your favorite baby/children's products?

A: Some of my favorites are:

1. Kleynimal Teething Keys, they’re food grade stainless steel keys, safe for baby to play/chew and made in the U.S.

2. For clothing I love Kickee Pants, they’re all super soft and made from bamboo which makes them breathable and perfect for keeping sensitive baby skin soft.

3. New this month is our beautiful Moses Baskets, entirely handmade in Ghana that are safe and cozy for baby to sleep in and easy to carry from room to room. A great way to keep baby near you and once they have outgrown the bassinet, it’s perfect for storing toys, blankets, diapers or anything else you can imagine!

Q: Last but most important…Before opening the store, you were working as an accountant, what prompted such a major career change?

A: After my son was born, he developed severe allergies and eczema. I began searching for clothing made from organic cottons that were breathable and products made with natural ingredients and dyes. I very quickly came up empty handed, not able to find anything that wouldn’t irritate his sensitive skin. I wanted to make it easier for parents like me to find those natural products. Products that weren’t jam packed with harmful chemicals, but fruit and vegetable extracts and soaps made with high quality oils. My mission was to open a store where parents can find the healthiest, and more importantly safest, products for their child. And that was the moment Pink & Brown was born.


Many of you may have visited, asking for gift recommendations or advice on a product, not realizing you were in fact speaking to the owner herself. That’s because Lan refuses to take a seat behind the scenes and is always interacting with customers. Often you will find her working tirelessly to bring in new products, but just as easily drop everything to help anyone who asks. She is the reason our window displays are always full of whimsy and why you are instantly taken back to your own childhood when you peruse products. But most importantly it’s because of the support from all our customers, from then and now, that we will continue to bring only the best for your sweet baby.

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