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navy loto

A magnetic twist on the classic Bingo game!

Players take turns catching fishes from the 'sea' to fill up their Bingo card by matching either number or color. All fishes have colors and numbers printed on their underbellies - but they are placed face-down when in the box, so players have to rely on observation and memory to help speed themselves along!

• Eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity
• Visual perceptual processing skills
• Logical thinking
• Color recognition
• Early numeracy skills
• Observation and memory

*Play Tip: Make observation and memory work even more challenging for advanced players: mess up the fishes after every three have been caught, and be presented with a 'brand new' seabed to work through all over again!

Set includes: 24 fish pieces, 3 color cards, 3 number cards & a fishing rod.